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Recorded Sessions


Spiritual Connection
Boot Camp

Focuses on:

  • Opening spiritual senses

  • Deepening connection to your spiritual team

  • Identifying destiny

  • Clearing flow between you and God/heaven (for stronger flow of life, health, communication, glory, etc.)

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Cost: $40 for the first 60-minute session or $75 for the entire Boot Camp (two 60-minute sessions).

Also taking a course or doing an in-person session with Katharine Wang? Purchase for $25/session.

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Spiritual Bliss Spa

Focuses on:

  • Experiencing divine bliss in our bodies, souls, and spirits

  • Clearing bottlenecks to enjoying bliss

  • Opening the “oneness” place inside us where an endless supply of love, life, joy, honor, connection, and everything else we need flows

Cost: $40 for the 60-minute session.

Also taking a course or doing an in-person session with Katharine Wang? Purchase for $25.

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Leadership Spa


Release your healed, limitless self!


Releasing Inner Healing

  • Four sessions on healing issues like fear, insecurity, self-criticism, etc.

  • Aimed at bringing deep healing to the most common issues that hold us back


Releasing our True Selves

  • Four sessions on releasing self-love, self-acceptance, our hearts true desires, etc.

  • Aimed at discovering, loving, and releasing who we are at the most fundamental level

Releasing Maturity

  • Four sessions on releasing qualities of maturity/leadership in the next age

  • Topics may cover things like confidence, divinity/divine nature, limitlessness, creativity, power, wealth, masculine/feminine balance


Sessions 1-4 for $80

Sessions 5-8 for $80

Sessions 9-12 for $80

All 12 Sessions for $150 Special Value!



Thx Katharine for these intense and transforming sessions.


Thank you, Katharine, today was the most amazing and powerful session ever!!!!


It was so helpful to me! I didn’t even realize some things about myself. . . I feel today when I listened to this, I hit a breakthrough in unlocking my desires and dreams! 

Just a note to say how thankful I am to you for these sessions Katharine. Listening to them again & again, I’m able to focus better and really absorb more and release and receive whatever is necessary. An overwhelming wave of gratitude flooded my senses today and it’s as if I could feel the relief in my body and my mind as I leaned into this. 

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Warm Up on the Beach

Financial Boot Camp

Love Your Finances to their Full Potential


Keys to Financial Growth

  • Remove mindsets holding back financial release

  • Discover secrets to financial growth

  • Learn to love and communicate with your money

  • Unlock your personal financial destiny

  • Much more!


Schedule: Weekly 1-hour recorded sessions beginning when the Leadership Spa ends.

Live sessions open to Partners only 

More Info & Registration here.

After the live sessions are recorded, the entire Boot Camp will be available for anyone to purchase.

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