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Awaken to Oneness


Colorado Springs, July 22-24 2022

Live online access available

Recordings may be purchased after the event

Activate your Limitless Potential!


Speakers from three continents come together to awaken your Body, your Energy, your Spirit, and your Mind to your Limitless Potential.


Conference sessions include:

  • Spiritual Connection Boot Camp

  • Activating the ability YOU possess in the spiritual/energetic realm to achieve YOUR goals

  • Unlocking your ability to identify destiny

  • Opening spiritual senses and deepening connection to your spiritual team

  • Restoring FLOW (for stronger flow of life, health, wealth, etc.)

  • Understanding your BIOFIELD and how to unleash its power

  • Unlocking unlimited potential as ENERGETIC beings

  • Biofield Energy Healing Session

  • Experiencing BLISS in our bodies, minds, and spirits

  • Opening the ONENESS place inside us where an endless supply of love, life, joy, honor, connection, and everything else we need flows

  • Discovering your SOUND and what it can create in your life

  • Sound & Breathwork practices to activate wholeness and creation in your life


Online tickets to watch live over the internet: $150


Tickets include recordings of each session. So you can watch anytime.

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