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Empowering you to step into the new age 

The Bible talks about an "age to come." It's a time about 2,000 years after Jesus' life that would open a new way for people to relate to God, to each other, and to nature. Humanity will step into the fullness of life that Jesus lived from. The version of you that will exist in heaven can be the you right now.

Our courses are designed to empower you to have the skills, mindsets, and wholeness that characterizes the age to come. Open your spiritual senses. Become whole and happy. Live from the perfected you like you will in heaven.

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Katharine Wang

Katharine believes living in the "oneness" that we have with God is the most amazing way to experience life. Her own journey led her through many places--including Yale Law School and seminary--to discover that all she really needed was already inside her. Katharine founded ATCU to be a place people can explore and enter the fullness of the coming age--including its thrilling unity with God. She believes we all have an important piece of the puzzle to release. ATCU is designed to both help you release your part--and to receive what you have once it's ready to launch.  


Cloud of Witnesses--Comprehensive guide to having life-changing encounters with people from heaven.

Living Loved--Learn how to live from oneness love--the most intimate, deeply satisfying bond you can experience with God. It is the original blueprint for how life is supposed to feel..

Faces of God--Unpack what the Four Faces of God in the Bible reveal about God’s nature to empower each aspect of the divine nature in us.

Working with Angels--Comprehensive guide to working with your angelic team to make every aspect of your life more effective and amazingly fun.

Chronicles of the New Heaven and New Earth book series--Join Katharine and Don Joseph on spiritual fantasy adventures in the realms to build heaven on earth.

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Margaret Beam

Margaret believes that everyone has a beautiful and perfect design and is capable of experiencing abundant health and vitality. Through her own experience of healing from years of chronic Lyme and co-infections that left almost every system in her body compromised and shutting down she has explored and learned principles of our design and health and tools for reclaiming it. Margaret is a founding member of ATCU because she wants everyone to experience both wholeness within and oneness with God.


Margaret is an energy and biofield therapist as well as a certified mindset coach. Learn more at


Foundations of the Next Age--Comprehensive guide to unlocking a biblical understanding of who we are to empower you for life in the the next age 


Amy Youssef

Amy believes that God has given us everything we need for life and Godliness--we just need to learn how to access it. Her career path has included graphic design and brand strategy but she is passionate about discovering the keys to the kingdom and passing them on to others. Amy is a founding member of ACTU because she understands that as humanity, we are on the cusp of something totally new and wants to be part of releasing the message of unity with God.


Enneagram for Spiritual Formation--Live from your true heart by dismantling the script that's been holding you back based on the 9 enneagram archetypes (coming)

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