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Empowering you to step into the new age 

The Bible talks about an "age to come." It's a time about 2,000 years after Jesus' life that would open a new way for people to relate to God, to each other, and to nature. Humanity will step into the fullness of life that Jesus lived from. The version of you that will exist in heaven can be the you right now.

Our courses are designed to empower you to have the skills, mindsets, and wholeness that characterizes the age to come. Open your spiritual senses. Become whole and happy. Live from the perfected you like you will in heaven.

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Katharine Wang

Katharine believes living in the "oneness" that we have with God is the most amazing way to experience life. Her own journey led her through many places--including Yale Law School and seminary--to discover that all she really needed was already inside her. Katharine founded ATCU to be a place people can explore and enter the fullness of the coming age--including its thrilling unity with God. She believes we all have an important piece of the puzzle to release. ATCU is designed to both help you release your part--and to receive what you have once it's ready to launch.  


Cloud of Witnesses--Comprehensive guide to meeting with people from heaven in a way that can change your life.

Opening Spiritual Senses--Full-spectrum approach to seeing, hearing, and perceiving in the spiritual world. Unlock who you are to interact as you were meant to in the spiritual dimension.

Meditation--Biblical, solid principles to access your subconscious to truly change beliefs and set the course for your life.

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Margaret Beam

Margaret believes that everyone has a beautiful and perfect design and is capable of experiencing abundant health and vitality. Through her own experience of healing from years of chronic Lyme and co-infections that left almost every system in her body compromised and shutting down she has explored and learned principles of our design and health and tools for reclaiming it. Margaret is a founding member of ATCU because she wants everyone to experience both wholeness within and oneness with God.


Margaret is an energy and biofield therapist as well as a certified mindset coach. Learn more at


Healing and Wholeness – Principles and tools for healing physically, emotionally, mentally and generationally.

The Human Biofield and Energy Body – Our energy body including chakras, meridians, grids, auras, biofield and more. How we can regain health and vitality by understanding and healing our energy body.

Mindset Training, Growth and Development – Principles behind mindsets. Simple and consistent tools you can utilize for renewing your mind for self-transformation.

Characteristics of the New Age – An overview of the astronomical ages and how God has used them to delineate changes in his corporate relationship with humanity.


Amy Youssef

Amy believes that God has given us everything we need for life and Godliness--we just need to learn how to access it. Her career path has included graphic design and brand strategy but she is passionate about discovering the keys to the kingdom and passing them on to others. Amy is a founding member of ACTU because she understands that as humanity, we are on the cusp of something totally new and wants to be part of releasing the message of unity with God.


Tools for Getting Unstuck -- Practical tools to help people access the abundant life. Includes ways to rewire neural pathways, transform strong emotions, change generational patterns, and throw off from everything that hinders.

Immortality -- What is possible for our life on earth? What if the good news is for our bodies and for right now? What if Jesus is the gate to everlasting life--not death?

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