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Living Loved Course

Living Loved Course

Living Loved Course Description

Course Description

Learn how to live from oneness love--the most intimate, deeply satisfying bond you can experience with God. It is the original blueprint for how life is supposed to feel.


In this course you can discover:

  • The biblical paradigm for oneness love 

  • The original blueprint for our relationship with God 

  • The incredible love-based joy that can fill you every day

  • How to expand your heart’s capacity to experience God and enjoy his love in a greater way

  • Common blocks to experiencing oneness love and how to overcome them

  • Practical tools for awakening your oneness love with God


The course includes: 

  • 12 teaching sessions (approximately 30 minutes each)

  • 4 guided engagements 

  • Homework exercises (with videos and PDFs) after each session to help you activate life-changing encounters with God

  • More than 10 bonus audio/video recordings to help you awaken oneness love

  • Four videos and a detailed handout to help you if you encounter problems connecting to God

  • The 250-page ebook that corresponds with the course--Living Loved: Unlock Oneness Love with God by Katharine Wang 

  • That's more than 40 videos and nearly 300 pages of material!

  • Discount on recorded Spiritual/Energetic Group Coaching Sessions with Katharine Wang (more info here).

  • Discount on recorded Biofield Integration Sessions with ATCU Co-Founder Margaret Beam (more info here: 


Get the book on Amazon here.

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Katharine Wang, M.A., J.D., is a co-founder of Age to Come University. She’s earned a Masters in Theological Studies from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and a J.D. from Yale Law School. At ATCU she teaches classes to help people step into the fullness of who they are.  

Two Ways to Enroll
Living Loved-Full Course
 The full course includes all the items in the Course Description. 

Living Loved-Basic Course
For a limited time, we are offering Living Loved-Basic Course for free through this website. The basic course is only the 12 video sessions and 4 guided engagements. It does not include the homework videos to help you encounter God, the more than 10 bonus recordings to help awaken oneness love, the material to help you if you encounter issues, or the ebook. Because we feel so strongly that this message should be released, we are making the basics available for free for a limited time.

To enroll in the basic course, click here.

Free Resource!
Margaret Beam, co-founder of Age to Come University, has created a tuning fork session to clear blocks to intimacy with God. To request the free session (and to learn more about how and why tuning fork sessions work) contact us here and request access.
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