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One-on-one & group sessions with

Katharine Wang

Ready for your best life?

Let's get you there.

Hi! I'm Katharine and I'm passionate about helping people discover and fully enter everything God has for them in life. Every week, I coach people all over the globe, helping them unlock the deepest layers of their potential and release it in powerful ways. 

My specialty is looking at what’s going on in and around you, identifying what needs to change to reach your goals, and then empowering that change. 

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My story.

Here's a bit of my story--After graduating from Yale Law School, I began my career as an attorney, representing major U.S. corporations in high-stakes lawsuits. When I stopped practicing law, I earned a Masters in Theological Studies and became passionate about unlocking people's potential. I've authored books and courses that have transformed lives around the world.


I've also met likeminded people--in every part of this planet--who share my passion for experiencing life's highest potentials. We've formed a vibrant community that we'd love you to be part of.


Few things excite me more than helping people realize what their deepest, God-given desires are and then unlocking them to their fullest.

"Working with Katharine Wang
is a life-changing moment."

- One-on-One Client & Business Owner

Types of Coaching

Group Coaching Client

"It was so helpful to me! I didn't even realize some things about myself. When I listened to this, I hit a breakthrough!"

One-on-One Client

"No one has helped me better than Katharine at stepping into my destiny. She is empowering me to unlock some of my deepest dreams."

One-on-One Client

"I am a changed person! Those things that were preventing me to move on in life somehow melted away and I am more confident in who I am. She poured courage into me by seeing and calling out my potential."

Before your One-on-One Session

  1. The day before, you’ll receive an email with a link to your zoom call with Katharine. The call will be recorded.

  2. At the beginning of the session, Katharine will ask if there’s something you want to focus on. If you don't have anything specific, that's fine. She can look around spiritually/energetically and let you know what would yield the greatest results to focus on. 

  3. After the session, you’ll receive an email with a link to the recording. Please download the recording as soon as you receive the email. Due to the number of recordings, they will be available only a few days to a week after the session.

After your One-on-One Session

  1. Listen again. Many people like to listen to the recording. Each time you listen, you can unlock the truths revealed on a deeper level.

  2. Regular sessions. Not everyone needs a regular session. If you would like a weekly, every-other-week, or monthly session, they are available. Some people book regular sessions to push for a breakthrough in a particular area or to navigate through a transition period.

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