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to live in the age to come

The King of Salem 

Mentoring Group now open!

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King of Salem Virtual Launch party!

Friday, August 9 at:

9 am Eastern, 6 am Pacific, 2 pm UK, 3 pm EU, 9 pm Singapore, 11 pm Melbourne


Don and Katharine will personally be at the event and will:

  • Do a live reading from the book

  • Take Q&A from the audience

  • Talk about why they wrote the book and why they're so excited about the series

Everyone who registers will receive a virtual swag bag with King of Salem virtual merch after the event! 🎉

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We make it fun and easy to gain the skills, mindsets, and wholeness that are part of the age to come.

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“I loved it! . . . Your personal stories and testimonies are what make it alive and real. . . . I'm having exciting new encounters in the spiritual realm. This course is unlocking some stuff for me!!!”

 - Daniel J - 

"The teachings are fun, easy to follow, and always done within 30 minutes. Best of all, she imparts something of herself in her listeners. I often have more visions after learning from her."

- Joy -

"The material is very powerful. The videos are informative and insightful. It's opened up amazing encounters with Jesus for me."

 - Julie - 

"I love the teaching and I especially love the stories. This class is opening up things that I have longed for. It fills me with great joy. So thankful!"

"I am so enjoying your classes. They are so inspiring for me."

"Thank you! It was wonderful!!!  You make it all sound so accessible and “normal”!🤗

 - Ellie - 

 - Amber - 

 - Natalie - 

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