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Working with Angels


until May 31

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Working with Angels

Unlock God's Original

Design for Angelic Interaction

Course Description

  • Discover the purpose for angels in your life and the world

  • Meet different kinds of angels you can work with

  • Uncover what angels can do for you

  • Learn practical steps to activating angels around you 

  • Open your spiritual senses to communicate with angels more effectively

  • Unlock keys to higher-level interactions with angels


Course includes:

  • 12 sessions that are 45-60 minutes each

  • Bonus! Extra Q&A Session

  • Online community to explore the topic with together

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Katharine Wang, M.A., J.D., is a co-founder of Age to Come University. She’s earned a Masters in Theological Studies from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and a J.D. from Yale Law School. Katharine has authored books and courses that have transformed lives around the world. She’s passionate about unlocking people’s full potential and coaches people all over the globe.

Live Course Member
“I can't stop thinking how my mind was blown during the last class. . . . For the first time, I saw an angel in a creature form--an eagle--during our class activation. I've played that portion of the class about a dozen times. Boondoggle time!"
Live Course Member
"I tried the things I learned in this course and was amazed! When my mother needed doctors' visits and we were told it would be a long wait, I called a meeting with many different angels to help organize all the appointments. I did not see any angels when I talked to them, but the atmosphere in the room during this meeting was ecstatic! And the results were incredible, we had visited many doctors in just a few days. Something that would otherwise take 6-12 months."
Live Course Member
This course is absolutely amazing! I listened to a session with my 15-year-old son and he asked to listen again. He wants to know everything now and especially how to talk to them.
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