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Chronicles of the New Heaven and New Earth

A new book series by Katharine Wang and Don Joseph

Join us on a spiritual-fantasy adventure!

What is life meant to be like? How do you create that kind of life? We're launching a book series to give you far more than a fun read. We're introducing you to the heavenly people, places, and technology you need to bring heaven to earth.


The first book in the series is called The King of Salem and the Blueprints for the New Heaven and New Earth. The book will be released in May 2024!


Here’s what the book is about:

After three celestial kings are entrusted with the blueprints for the new heaven and new earth, they throw a lavish, three-day, inter-galactic celebration at the King of Salem’s house. When Katharine and Don find themselves among the all-star guests, they must explore the house’s secrets to help open a new era–one where death can’t be found and life and abundance are the norm. 


In this spiritual-fantasy story, dive into: Life, Abundance, Sovereignty, Identity, Perfection, Creation, Mystery, Time, Quantum Entanglement, and more!

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