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Session 1:

Engaging Heavenly Tutors

Session 2:

How to Trigger Encounters with the Cloud of Witnesses

Session 3:

How to Step into Positions in Heaven

Note: The mini-course isn't a substitute for the full course. It complements it. Even if you've taken the full course, you can go deeper in this mini-course. Since we have an entire hour for Q&A and engagement, we can activate the teaching more deeply in our lives.

Course Includes:

  • Three 90-minute recorded sessions that include group engagement

  • Discount on recorded Spiritual/Energetic Group Coaching Sessions with Katharine Wang (more info here).

  • Discount on recorded Biofield Integration Sessions with ATCU Co-Founder Margaret Beam (more info here: 

CoW book cover_8.5x11.jpg

People from Heaven

The book is not required for the mini-course, but it can be accessed here.

Mini-Course Registration

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