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Recorded Group Sessions

Go to the next level with a Group

"These group sessions are so powerful! . . . 

They helped me hit a breakthrough!"

Group Coaching Participant

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Immortal Beauty

Focuses on:

  • Activating a state of Agelessness, where our bodies maintain a constant state without aging

  • Working with our bodies to look and feel the age the body wants to

  • Connecting with our bodies so we can give our bodies what they truly want

  • Awakening the full Beauty in our DNA so it functions at its original design

  • Removing mindsets that block Beauty and Agelessness from fully flowing in us

  • Strengthening Life and Immortality within us


Open to anyone.


A trade or donation is required so you get more from it and give more of yourself to it. You set the amount you want to trade into our sessions.


Time: Mostly Fridays at 9 am eastern. All sessions will be recorded. Runs for 10 weeks beginning 1 March. Join anytime.


Spiritual Connection
Boot Camp

Focuses on:

  • Opening spiritual senses

  • Deepening connection to your spiritual team

  • Identifying destiny

  • Clearing flow between you and God/heaven (for stronger flow of life, health, communication, glory, etc.)

Spiritual Bliss Spa

Focuses on:

  • Experiencing divine bliss in our bodies, souls, and spirits

  • Clearing bottlenecks to enjoying bliss

  • Opening the “oneness” place inside us where an endless supply of love, life, joy, honor, connection, and everything else we need flows

Cost: $40 for the 60-minute session.


Leadership Spa


Release your healed, limitless self!


Releasing Inner Healing

  • Four sessions on healing issues like fear, insecurity, self-criticism, etc.

  • Aimed at bringing deep healing to the most common issues that hold us back


Releasing our True Selves

  • Four sessions on releasing self-love, self-acceptance, our hearts true desires, etc.

  • Aimed at discovering, loving, and releasing who we are at the most fundamental level

Releasing Maturity

  • Four sessions on releasing qualities of maturity/leadership in the next age

  • Topics may cover things like confidence, divinity/divine nature, limitlessness, creativity, power, wealth, masculine/feminine balance

All 12 Sessions for $150 or four payments of $37.50

Warm Up on the Beach
"​Just a note to say how thankful I am to you for these sessions Katharine. Listening to them again & again, I’m able to focus better and really absorb more and release and receive whatever is necessary. An overwhelming wave of gratitude flooded my senses today and it’s as if I could feel the relief in my body and my mind as I leaned into this." 
"Thx Katharine for these intense and transforming sessions."
"#2 was VERY WOW for me"
"Thank you, Katharine, today was the most amazing and powerful session ever!!!!"

Financial Boot Camp

Love Your Finances to their Full Potential


Keys to Financial Growth

  • Remove mindsets holding back financial release

  • Discover secrets to financial growth

  • Learn to love and communicate with your money

  • Unlock your personal financial destiny

  • Unpack powerful tools to create the best financial structures for your life

  • Open financial maturity spiritually

  • Much more!

12 one-hour sessions plus a bonus 30-minute session!

Price: $150 or 4 payments of $37.50

"Thank you Katharine for leading this empowering class with such clarity and confidence It is truly inspiring."
“These sessions are really blessing me! I see how our mindsets are shifting and we are being set free from things that have held us bound individually and within our family lines."

Immortality Spa

Unlock Your Agelessness

Focuses On:

  • Removing mindsets restraining Life in us

  • Forming relationships with every aspect of Life--including Vitality, Abundance, Light, Immortality, Beauty

  • Clearing DNA energetically

  • Releasing Life at the deepest layers of who we are

  • Restoring Ageless Beauty and Life to the physical body

  • Much more!

12 sessions! Most sessions are 60 minutes with one 30-minute session. 

Includes Flashcards!

Price: $150 or 4 payments of $37.50.

immortality 2.png

"Wowwwwwww, my mind is BLOWN from today’s teaching. It was beyond paradigm shift. 

All is could say is, WOW & THANK YOU! I never heard this before. 


I think this is one of those messages that everyone should be exposed to."

"This message is life changing.  I am listening to it over and over and I am enjoying getting to know my immortal self."
"It's working! I have far less gray hair growing back!" ❤️
"Katharine, this session was so amazing and I felt new awareness opening in me." 
"At the last meeting, I actually came face to face with myself in the future. I looked young, my hair was its original color instead of gray, my skin was beautiful.  It was quite amazing."

Shifting Seasons Boot Camp

Powerfully Start a New Season in Life

Focuses On:

  • Gleaning everything from the current season you're meant to 

  • Opening the season of your life's highest purposes

  • Identifying your deepest desires

  • Moving from where you are into your deepest desires

  • Clearing everything blocking mind-blowing blessings flowing into your life

  • Much more!

Live Sessions are open to Partners. Join here. Sessions will be available afterwards for purchase.

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