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Cloud of Witnesses

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People from Heaven: How to Engage the Cloud of Witnesses by Katharine Wang.

Get the most from the ATCU course with this book! This book closely tracks the ATCU course, adding bonus material and additional stories. It's a fantastic, in-depth guide to launch you into your own encounters with people from heaven. 

Get the book on Amazon here.

In this book you can learn:

- What the cloud of witnesses is and why it's OK to talk to them

- Bible passages explaining the cloud of witnesses

- Seven categories of people from heaven you can meet 

- Seven ways to trigger an encounter with a person from heaven

- Seven life-changing benefits of meeting with the cloud of witnesses

Living Loved:

How to Enter Oneness Love with God


Living Loved: Unlock Oneness Love with God by Katharine Wang.

Learn how to live from oneness love--the most intimate, deeply satisfying bond you can experience with God. It is the original blueprint for how life is supposed to feel.

Get the book on Amazon here.


In this course you can discover:

  • The biblical paradigm for oneness love 

  • The original blueprint for our relationship with God 

  • The incredible love-based joy that can fill you every day

  • How to expand your heart’s capacity to experience God and enjoy his love in a greater way

  • Common blocks to experiencing oneness love and how to overcome them

  • Practical tools for awakening your oneness love with God

Faces of God

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Faces of God by Katharine Wang.

Encounter your divine nature more fully . . . in all 12 expressions of the Four Faces of God!

Get the book on Amazon here.


In this book you can discover:

  • Unpack what the Four Faces of God are and why they are seen as living expressions of the divine nature;

  • Discover why the traditional translation of Lion-Ox-Eagle-Man is only part of what the original text means;

  • Unlock the fuller meaning of the original Hebrew and Greek–including the masculine, feminine, and oneness translations of the Faces of God;

  • Discover why the Four Faces each have three expressions (4x3), giving us a total of 12 expressions of the Divine Nature;

  • Interact with all 12 expressions of the Faces: Lioness-Cow-Eagle-Woman, Lion-Ox-Eagle-Man, and Beast-Cattle-Eagle-Person.

  • Explore what each creature–in its masculine, feminine, and oneness expressions–reveals about the divine nature;

  • Be guided into life-changing encounters with the Faces of God in all their expressions.

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Free Resource!
Margaret Beam, co-founder of Age to Come University, has created a tuning fork session to clear blocks to intimacy with God. To request the free session (and to learn more about how and why tuning fork sessions work) contact us here and request access.
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